Tea Time学术活动系列邀请报告(179)

来源:理学院 发布日期:2021-05-18

  报告题目: Analytic theory of topological integrable systems: Exact quantization

  报 告 人: 曹俊鹏研究员(中国科学院物理研究所)

  时    间:5月20 日,14:30-15:30

  地    点:理学院 1-401物理学科会议室


  A novel Bethe ansatz scheme is proposed to calculate physical properties of quantum integrable systems without U(1) symmetry. As an example, the antiperiodic XXZ spin chain, a typical correlated many-body system embedded in a topological manifold, is examined. Conserved “momentum” and “charge” operators are constructed despite the absence of translational invariance and U(1) symmetry. The ground state energy and elementary excitations are derived exactly. It is found that two intrinsic fractional (one half) zero modes accounting for the double degeneracy exist in the eigenstates. The elementary excitations show quite a different picture from that of a periodic chain. This method can be applied to other quantum integrable models either with or without U(1) symmetry.


  曹俊鹏,中国科学院物理研究所研究员、博士生导师,主要从事量子可积系统和凝聚态理论研究,在U(1)对称破缺量子可积系统的精确解、量子相变和冷原子模型等方面取得一系列研究成果。发表SCI论文一百余篇,其中包括2篇PRL,12篇JHEP等。撰写专著一部:《Off-Diagonal Bethe Ansatz for Exactly Solvable Models》。2012年获国家自然科学二等奖(第二完成人)。